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 OEM Warranty Programs 
OEM Warranty Risk is now part of McCusker Holdings Corp.  McCusker Holdings Corp has been issued a reimbursement warranty program from our underwriter so that we can offer warranty services world wide under a fully insured OEM Warranty Program for electronic equipment to clients to help curb the national trend of increasing claim payouts and decreasing premium revenues.  Services that the OEM Warranty Risk Division of McCusker Holdings Corp offers under the warranty umbrella include loss management, expense recovery and claims administration.
Loss management and preventing ordinary losses is central to the insurance industry and is of prime financial importance given that payouts on claims have exceeded premium revenues for nearly two decades.  Our OEM Warranty Risk program offers proper help desk administration that reduces the overall claims paid by providing a higher level of service. Lower insurance and manufacturer losses are the result.
Expense recovery is vital to corporations to ensure that after-market support programs are funded by the original purchase and are cost effective throughout the life of the product. The OEM Warranty Risk Division of McCusker Holdings Corp can identify revenue opportunities with customers and clients to increase margins that can be built into an administration program.  The revenues received through increased margins can be applied to reduce the financial impact of administration and after-market support programs.
Claims administration requires a high number of personnel thus creating high overhead and additional costs. OEM Warranty Risk team members manage the entire claims administration process.  OEMs, service providers, dealers and merchants submit claims for repair services to the insurance company.  These claims are validated and qualified by OEM Warranty Risk for payment.  By allowing McCusker Holdings Corp's OEM Warranty Division to handle the claims administration for your company, your overhead is lowered, thus increasing profit margins.

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