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 Advisory Board -- McCusker Holdings Corp 

The McCusker Advisory Board was founded by McCusker Holdings Corp in September 2017. The Board is composed of 3 regular members appointed by the Chairman. The board advises the Chairman and Directors of McCusker Holdings Corp and all departments and offices of the corporation and its subsidaries in the development of a functional and efficient company, and on all matters related to business operations and the impact that actions by the company may have on the clients and employees of the company.

The Board shall:

  • Facilitate company policies, plans and projects to support local, regional and state operational efforts, to help ensure a functioning regional and state business operations;
  • Provide input on Company policies, plans and projects as they may relate to operational capacity, safety, access and development  throughout the Company, with a particular focus on the Company’s products, services, and the business they support; participate in the regular update of the Company Strategic Action Plan; revisions of the Company Strategic Plan related to operations, services, warranty; designation of responsiblities by subsidary; and provide comment on planned corporate projects; and
  • Prepare an annual report to the Company on the status of its programs and on the achievement of its goals.

Board meetings are held monthly  from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in McCusker Holdings Corp (Main Conference Room).

For more information, please contact Chairman at (800) 734-0819 x 115

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